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Global commercial traffic (air and sea) has been disrupted by the pandemic. Within these turbulent times we endeavor to provide a fast, efficient service. Our team will provide regular updates throughout the procurement process.

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Protection Mask (KN95)

$0.72/pc (MOQ 10.000 PCS)

Protection Mask (N95)

$0.90/pc (MOQ 10.000 PCS)

Disposable Isolation Gowns (Sterile)

$16.80/pc (MOQ 500 PCS)

Disposable Isolation Gowns

$8.40/pc (MOQ 500 PCS)

Disposable Protective Gowns (Sterile) No-footwear

$15.60/pc (MOQ 500 PCS)

Protective Gowns (Level 2)

$2.64/pc (MOQ 10.000 PCS)

Protective Gowns (Level 1)

$1.92/pc (MOQ 10.000 PCS)

Medical Masks

$0.24/pc (MOQ 20.000 PCS)

Surgical Masks

$0.34/pc (MOQ 20.000 PCS)

Face Shield

$0.96/pc (MOQ 1.000 PCS)

Protection Googles

$3.36/pc (MOQ 1.000 PCS)

Non-contact IR thermometer

$24.00/pc (MOQ 240 PCS)

Examination gloves, niltrile 3.5 g, non-powdered

$0.107/pc (MOQ 100.000 PCS)

Hand Sanitizer

$5.65/pc (MOQ 2.400 PCS)

Speciment collection kit (Swab + medium)

$2.16/pc (MOQ 5.000 PCS)

Manuel sprayer

$14.40/pc (MOQ 100 PCS)

Electric sprayer

$30.00/pc (MOQ 100 PCS)

Hospital patient bed fast assembley

$343.64/pc (MOQ 50 PCS)

Mattress for patient bed with cover

$147.64/pc (MOQ 50 PCS)

Pillow with zipper cover for patient bed

$26.62/pc (MOQ 50 PCS)

Pair of safety hospital patient bed rails

$111.69/pc (MOQ 50 PCS)

ICU Ventilator (60 days delivery)

$15.360.00/pc (MOQ 1 unit)

ICU Ventilator (30 days delivery)

$18.960.00/pc (MOQ 1 unit)

Patient Monitor - 5 parameters

$828.00/pc (MOQ 10 units)

Patient Monitor - 7 parameters

$2028.00/pc (MOQ 5 units)

ECG, digital, 3 channels

$354.00/pc (MOQ 20 units)

ECG, digital, 6 channels

$780.00/pc (MOQ 10 units)

Syringe pump, 1 channel

$444.00/pc (MOQ 20 units)

Syringe pump, 2 channels

$684.00/pc (MOQ 20 units)

Pulse oximeter, handheld

$153.60/pc (MOQ 40 units)

Fingertip pulse oximeter

$20.40/pc (MOQ 500 units)

Plasma Air Sterilizer (wall mounted)

$900.00/pc (MOQ 5 pcs)

Plasma Air Sterilizer (mobile unit)

$1020.00/pc (MOQ 5 pcs)

Isolation Tent (PVC)

$660.00/pc (MOQ 10 pcs)

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About Global Medicare Group Limited

We have decided to put the experience and network of our sister companies and local partners at the service of worldwide clients (wholesalers & governments) to help them in the fight against the spread of this horrible pandemic which is jeopardizing the living standards of populations across the Globe and depriving us of our beloved aging parents.

We can quote delivery to any destination in the world. For this option, finalize your pre-order, and include your delivery preferences in the "Additional information" section. Please state your requirements and a member of our staff will contact you with a proforma invoice that suits your needs.